Having been the child of two long-suffering music educators it was, perhaps, inevitable that I would spend sometime teaching. However, it was a surprise when my teaching career started a mere month after leaving school, when I first worked as an assistant staff member on the Eton Choral Courses, directing a consort group and supporting the course director, Ralph Allwood, and the singing teachers. During my time working on the courses I have accompanied close to 500 singing lessons, exposure and experience that proved invaluable when I started my own singing teaching career at Bloxham School in 2008.

I now teach at Rugby School, in addition to my work at Bloxham, as well as maintaining a private studio in Aylesbury. My teaching is based on securing a strong understanding of technique and establishing the importance of communication in performance but, above all, encouraging students to follow their own interests and tastes, alongside any exam or audition specific repertoire. This approach means I have become as adept at teaching Adele songs as any Aria and ensures that my students never lose the enthusiasm for singing that inspired them to take up lessons.

If you are interested in taking singing lessons and would like to book a consultation lesson, please feel free to contact me here.

“Richard Bannan has been my singing teacher for five years and has taken me from a novice to Grade 8 standard. I have enjoyed learning a wide variety of techniques and styles ranging from Italian, to Latin, French and Spanish.

In addition to tone and continuity of sound, Mr Bannan has also taught me advanced techniques that have improved both my stamina and skill as a singer. This has enabled me to gain a scholarship and sing at several of the UK’s leading institutions and events including Oxford University evensongs and attendance on prestigious Eton Choral Courses. I have also extended my singing to jazz and popular performances since starting singing tuition with Mr Bannan. He is encouraging, patient and professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Kelly Davis
Upper 6th Form Student, Bloxham School